Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open the application. If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to accept all required permissions.
  2. Once the application has loaded, select a label you want to share and click this icon [icon goes here].
  3. In the new window, select the users you want to invite to access shared contacts and define their permissions. After that, the application starts synching your contacts.

Basically, you can see shared contacts on every device and application such as:

  • In Google Contacts. They will see the shared labels containing the shared contacts. The shared labels are marked “(Shared)”.
  • In Gmail.
  • In all other Google apps.
  • In their mobile phone books.
  • In Shared Contacts Manager.
  • In all other applications synchronized with Google contacts.

To open your Google Contacts, click on the launcher menu on the top-right of Gmail or any other Google application.

If a label is shared with “View Only” permissions, then it’s not possible for the invited users to edit contacts in that label. Users with other permissions “Can edit”, “Can reshare”, and can update shared contacts from any application or device.

When you create a new contact in Google Contacts, you are creating it in the main “Contacts” label by default. So if you share this label, all contacts will be automatically shared also.

You can use the native contacts apps on your phone to access and update shared contacts.

Yes, the invited user’s phone will recognize any shared contact as long as synchronization is enabled.

Shared Contacts Manager is a Google Workspace Marketplace application. In order to work we require several security permissions from you. If you are an administrator of a domain we also require additional permissions to be able to share with a domain group. Read more [link]

We take the security of our users very seriously. Shared Contacts Manager is synchronizing your contacts by comparing hashes, which allows the service to detect changes without storing any of your data in non encrypted form on our systems. Read more in our privacy policy.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply clicking on “Cancel Subscription” in your dashboard. When you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to the service until the expiration of your prepaid period.

Yes, Google contacts can be synchronized with Outlook after installing Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO). All contacts in the label “Contacts” will be seen and editable in your Outlook contacts.

We offer a risk free trial for 14 days. There is no unlimited free edition.

Yes, Shared Contacts Manager regularly checks Google Contacts to detect any changes made in the user’s contacts. Inversely, any changes made through the application will also be reflected to Google Contacts.

The sync duration time depends on several factors like contacts and user count. Usually this takes up to 5 minutes. We trigger auto sync every 3 hours. You can also start sync manually by clicking the “Sync now” button in the application on the top right corner.

Yes, if you create a Google group in your Google Workspace domain, you will be able to share a label with that group and all the users of that group will have access to that label.

Yes, you can share a label with a Google Workspace domain group configured for “all users”, and all the users of your domain (including new ones) will automatically inherit that label in their Google contacts.

Yes, you can share your contact labels with any user with a Google account, even outside of your organization.

Yes, you can share contacts with anyone with a Google account.

A label (a contact list) – is an entity that contains contacts in order to organize them. Think of it like a category for a product. A group (a domain group) – is a group of users (example that share a common email address. When you share a label with a group, all the users in this group will have access to that label.

Anyone in the organization can create contact labels in Google contacts or contact lists in the Shared Contacts Manager dashboard. Every domain user can share their own labels. Users will be able to reshare labels that were shared with them only if they have the “Can Reshare” permission on that label.

Yes, if the owner of the label granted you the “Can share” permission, you will be able not only to share the label with new users but also to manage the permissions of the existing collaborators in the list.

Yes, you can simply remove a user from the list of people who have access to a label in the application.

Following permission levels are available:

  • View Only: users can only see the shared contacts. 
  • Can Edit: users can see the shared contacts, add new contacts to the shared group.
  • Can Delete: Same permissions as “Can Edit”. Can also delete shared contacts.
  • Can Reshare: Same permissions as “Can Delete”. Can also share the label with new collaborators and remove or change access from existing collaborators.

It is highly recommended to install the application for the whole domain from the Google Workspace marketplace. Therefore, you will be able to seamlessly share contacts with your team members. If you don’t install the app for the whole domain, each user will need to grant access to their contacts individually.

Yes, other users will have access to all contact information of shared contacts, including their profile pictures.

No, you can share unlimited contacts and labels during the 14 days of your free trial. When your trial expires, you will need to buy a subscription in order to keep these shares active.

Yes, we offer a discount for schools and non-profit organizations. Contact us for more details.

No, you can assign subscriptions to selected users in your domain. 

We assign licenses automatically to invited users. The first licence is assigned to the user who installed the application. Every time you share contacts with a new user a new licence is used. When you share contacts with a domain group of users each user will use one licence.

If you share with more users than your number of licenses, the new ones will be marked as “Unlicensed”. You can remove the user and transfer his paid subscription to another user.

To buy more seats go to the subscription management page in your dashboard and click “Add more seats”.

To synchronize your Google contacts please follow this guide.

No, you can use Shared Contacts Manager even with your Gmail account.