Share Google Contacts with One Click!

You and your team members can share, access and update centralized contacts from everywhere (desktop,
mobile phones, Google Contacts, Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp etc..). Get a clean and organized contact base.



Share contacts with one click

Create as many contact labels as you need, and share them with one click


Manage permissions

Keep your address book safe and select permissions for each user


Google-like interface

Single Google-like dashboard to create/manage all your contacts and groups



Sync updated contacts across shared groups instantly


Cross Domain Sharing

Share contacts across your domain and also with users outside of your domain


Enhanced Security

Backup and restore your shared contacts and sharing settings

How it works?


Step 1

Create Contact Group

In Google Contacts create appropriate labels to share contacts with Gmail and G Suite Users


Step 2

Add Relevant Contacts

To be able to share Google contacts, you need to assign them appropriate labels


Step 3

Share Contact Groups

Login to Shared Contacts Manager and click on the label to share that label with Gmail and G Suite users



Trusted by more than a hundred leading brands

This add-on is not a nice-to-have, but it is a must-have, especially for the sales teams and small businesses. You wouldn’t have to get a CRM at least for contacts management and sharing after this.

Kelly Corrigan

Sales Manager at Goop

This app is great to share contacts with limited access. I have shared my contacts with view-only access to various freelancers I am working with so they can complete their jobs without risking any harm to my data.

Fred Reichheld

CTO at Dispo

I work with multiple agencies and I have to share leads data with different users. As long as they are using Gmail or Google Workspace, I can share my contacts with them. It has literally took me out of the misery of playing with multiple CSV files, every time I had to share contacts.

Douglas Brunson

Marketing and Innovation Executive at Talkie

Kudos to the developers for coming up with this idea. Solving such a basic yet essential problem for workspace users with added ease and features. It is certainly one of the best productivity apps and the mini CRMs there are in the market!

Sylvia Acevedo

CIO at Meca-Inox

Managing a multiregional sales team is hectic and then sharing contacts and having real time syncing was another big problem for me and then my VP suggested us to get this app and since then managing contacts and various regional address book has become extremely easy. So easy that it’s not even work!

Mark Graban

Solutions Engineer at T-Mobile

Not all contacts are meant to be shared with all team members and not all of them have to have full access. This is where I have found this app excellent as it gives me full control to share different contacts with different members and groups with different access permissions. I totally recommend it!

Dorthy Payson

Deckon Environment