Share Google Contacts in one click

You and your team members can now share, access and modify contacts, while receiving updates from others automatically. No more copy-pasting contacts and outdated info.

How it works

Step 1

Connect Shared Contacts Manager

Step 2

Organize contacts into shared lists

Step 3

Assign permissions to your team members



Share contacts with no restriction

Share contacts with users in or out of your domain, workspace user groups or even individual Gmail users.


Update once – update for everyone

One user adds, edits or deletes a contact and all the users it is shared with received the update. It can’t get easier.


Access contacts wherever you are

Use any application that you want, such as Outlook, iContacts, Gmail, Google Contacts and many more.


Auto-Sync Contacts Across Devices

Your contacts will stay in sync on all the devices you use, be it desktop, laptop, mobile or any other.


Get Contacts updates quickly

No matter where and when you make a contact update, it will only take minutes for Shared Contact Manager to sync it with your whole organization.


Set User Level Permissions

Take control of your contacts by setting permissions for each of your members: view only, edit, delete or reshare.


Enterprise-Grade Security

All the data is stored and managed by Google providing you with highest level of security, privacy and compliance.


Enjoy a Google-like Interface

Discover the user-friendly interface made with Google’s design guidelines. Use the intuitive dashboard to create and manage your contact with ease.

Calculate your plan

How many users will have access to shared contacts?

$2 per user/month
$48.00/year for 2 licences

Frequently Asked Questions

It is highly recommended to install the application for the whole domain from the Google Workspace marketplace. Therefore, you will be able to seamlessly share contacts with your team members. If you don’t install the app for the whole domain, each user will need to grant access to their contacts individually.

Basically, you can see shared contacts on every device and application such as:

  • In Google Contacts. They will see the shared labels containing the shared contacts. The shared labels are marked “(Shared)”.
  • In Gmail.
  • In all other Google apps.
  • In their mobile phone books.
  • In Shared Contacts Manager.
  • In all other applications synchronized with Google contacts.

No, you can assign subscriptions to selected users in your domain.

No, you can use Shared Contacts Manager even with your Gmail account.

Yes, you can share contacts with anyone with a Google account.

Yes, if you create a Google group in your Google Workspace domain, you will be able to share a label with that group and all the users of that group will have access to that label.

The sync duration time depends on several factors like contacts and user count. Usually this takes up to 5 minutes. We trigger auto sync every 3 hours. You can also start sync manually by clicking the “Sync now” button in the application on the top right corner.

We take the security of our users very seriously. Shared Contacts Manager is synchronizing your contacts by comparing hashes, which allows the service to detect changes without storing any of your data in non encrypted form on our systems. Read more in our privacy policy.

Trusted by more than a hundred leading brands

Easy to install and sync our contacts across accounts. The sync isn’t immediate, but quick enough for our needs. The app interface is generally easy to use – it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to share google contact list with others. Overall we’re happy with how the app works.

Helga Novikova
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Using this for our church staff and love it. I can share my google contacts with others, make changes to one of our members contact information and it is updated on everyone’s address book at the same time.

Shepherd Joshua
Shofar Christian Church

This is an amazing product, and the price is very reasonable. It fixes the biggest issue we had with employees unable to share google contacts with another user without going into a CRM. Thanks so much!

Nadia Syafruddin
Head of HR

Our Membership information changes so much and it is hard to manage alone. This G Suite shared contacts tool helps my team keep all the information up to date! We share Google contacts between accounts everyday, this tool is a must. 

Megan Kabeya
Director of Sales

Instead of paying for a CRM, our team saved hundreds of dollars by using this tool to communicate with other team members and share Google Workspace contacts.

Robert Clement
Country Manager

Extremely simple plugin for sharing Google Contacts. It takes merely a few minutes to set up and then you are good to go. You get contacts shared across your team that stay in sync all the time.

Greg Paul
Business Development Lead