How to manage contacts in Google Workspace (G Suite)

What is Google Contacts?

Google Contacts is a web-based contact collection service with tight integration with Gmail, Calendar, cloud storage, and other Google web applications. It can synchronize contacts across all your devices and store and organize contact information about the people you communicate with daily. Each Contact can contain basic information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers but can also include advanced details such as a physical address, workplace, department, or position.

Where are contacts in Google Workspace?

There are several ways to find your contacts in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). To find your contacts, open the Chrome browser, the 9-dots button, and look for Contacts.

Another way is to follow the link directly.

How to find contacts in Google Workspace on Android?

You can also use your Google Workspace contacts on Android mobile devices. Google Workspace allows you to transfer contacts to other apps on your smartphone and take full advantage of a single contacts database.

Finding contacts on your Android mobile device is easy – search for an application called Contacts, and that’s it!

How to find contacts in Google Workspace on iOS?

On iOS devices, things are a little more complicated.

First, you also need to find and open the Contacts app.

Find the Groups line in the top left corner.

Then, you must find the Global Address List and select the desired Contact.

How to add contacts to Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite)?

To create a new contact, find the “Create contact” button, enter the details of the person or company and save.

How to automatically add contacts to Google Workspace?

Once you are signed in to Google Contacts, find your Gmail settings and choose the “Create contacts for auto-complete” option to be active.

Settings -> See all settings -> General

How to manage contacts in Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite)?

If you have contacts in your Google Workspace account (whether you added them via Android, iOS smartphone, or PC), you can make changes: edit, remove and delete them.

How to edit contacts in Google Workspace?

To edit a contact, follow four simple steps:

  1. Select the desired Contact.
  2. Find the “Edit” button.
  3. Make the changes.
  4. Save.

How to share contacts on Google Workspace (Gmail, G Suite)?

Unfortunately, Google Workspace does not allow us to share contacts “out of the box”. To take advantage of this feature, you must install the Shared Contacts Manager, launch it and share your contacts using it.

How to delete contacts in Google Workspace?

To delete a contact, follow three simple steps:

  1. Select the desired Contact.
  2. Find the “Delete” button.
  3. Save.

Advanced Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite) contact management

How to keep track of contacts ignoring your emails?

To find out if the recipient has read your important message, you can request a read confirmation before sending it. How to do it?

Once the message has been created, find the read confirmation request in the additional sending options – yes, it’s that simple.

How to remove duplicate contacts in Google Workspace?

You can manually select duplicates from the list of contacts, open an additional menu (in the form of three dots) and press “Delete”.

If you accidentally add the same person more than once, you can correct the error by merging the contacts. (Note that only contacts from the same account can be merged, not separate ones).

How to do this?

  • Find the Contacts application on your device.
  • Then, select the account with the duplicates. 
  • Find the Fix & manage button and select the Merge & fix option.

Import/export contacts in Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite)

Unfortunately, migrating data to Google Workspace and importing and exporting your Contacts is not that easy. You must use a data migration service to carry out these operations. The best way to find out the details is to check the official google website by following this link.

Update or Clear Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite) Contacts on iPhone or iPad

One can set up Google Workspace on an iOS device: iPhone or iPad. If your device belongs to an organization, it’s best to contact your administrator. But if your device is your private property, you can manage (edit contacts, update and clean your list) your Google Workspace with this manual.

Modify or Remove Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite) Contacts on Android

To edit or delete a contact, you need to open Google Contacts, select the Contact you want, and then either “Edit contact” and press Save or select the delete option. Alternatively, you can also delete multiple entries at once by checking the boxes next to them and only then clicking the delete button.

5 Tips to Manage Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite) Contacts Like a Pro

The speed of dealing with emails and incoming messages and finding the right people among your contacts in this digital age directly impacts your work rate. That’s why we’ll give you tips on better managing your contacts in Google workspace.

1. Improve your email handling.

How do you do this? It’s simple, just a few small tips:

  • sort your messages (by default, google sorts by date), giving priority to the most important ones;
  • personalize your message filters;
  • merge your email accounts;

2. Optimizing Google Docs

Optimizing the place where important things like text files, documents, and spreadsheets come together is crucial. How do you tweak Google Docs and improve your productivity?

Search for information inside using Explore, without opening new tabs, without distracting you from your work;

Use Google Docs’ image-editing feature;

You can insert an image from your Drive, Photos, Camera, upload from computer or search the web from inside the Google Docs.

Once you’ve selected an image and pasted it into your document, you can make edits by right-clicking on the image itself.

3. Use Macros

Microsoft Excel is not the only one that can help with automation. Find some online tutorials on macros, read the manual, and you will succeed!

4. Use add-ons and extensions.

The main “feature” of the Chrome engine is the ability to develop and install extensions. If Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Docs, or Spreadsheets are missing something, you can visualize this feature – you probably already have. All you need to do is find and install this extension.

Extensions for your Chrome browser can be found here and add-ons for Google Workspace can be found following this link

5. Unleash the full potential of Google Calendar.

What separates a successful person from a mediocre one? Many things, but one of them is using your Calendar correctly. For a professional, the Calendar isn’t just a way to determine the date or see what day a number falls. A calendar is a timetable and a stepping stone on your ladder. Create to-do lists, tasks, and reminders, add people to your Calendar, and then your ladder will help you climb to any height.

4 Best apps for Google Workspace  (Gmail, G Suite) contact management

Google Workspace Marketplace contains many task management plug-ins that can improve productivity and help you complete more tasks more efficiently. 

  1. Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google by cloudHQ

The Salesforce extension allows you to copy Salesforce contacts to your devices as well as your email. 

With the extension, you can easily find information about your customers on the Salesforce platform, and with Gmail autocompletion, you can save precious time. 

  1. ZoomInfo ReachOut: B2B Contact & Company Info

The ZoomInfo extension allows you to get company information on any website. With this extension, you can access contact information such as an address, phone, and email without wasting time opening tabs. 

You’ll also be able to export results to programs like Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, Pardot, ZoomInfo Engage, and your Gmail.

The ReachOut Chrome extension is a time-saver, allowing you to add company data and contacts in just a couple of clicks. 

  1. Shared Contacts

Are you tired of dictating phone numbers, names, and organization names of your counterparties, partners, and colleagues from other departments to your acquaintances or colleagues? The Shared Contacts extension solves all these problems.

Advantages of using Shared Contacts:

  • Combine contacts into standard lists.
  • Improved contact management.
  • Ability to share contacts with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Creating shared contact lists.


If one of your employees quits, how do I remove them from Google Workspace?

  • The first step is to log in to Google Workspace
  • After that, open the menu and select the “Email” option. 
  • Thereafter, in the “Add or remove people from Google Workspace” area, find the right person and click on the trashcan icon button.

But be careful: in 20 days, the Contact will be gone forever, and you won’t be able to restore it.

Will deleting Contact delete messages?

No, your Google Workspace contacts and your Gmail correspondence are technically different, so your mail is safe even after deleting a contact.

Is deleting a contact the same as blocking?

How do you check if contacts are synced with Google?

For your smartphone contacts to sync with data in the Google cloud, you need to enable auto-sync in your smartphone settings.

Different smartphone models may have different settings, but usually, we can find the automatic synchronization through “Settings”→”Google”→”Settings for Google Apps”→” Contact Synchronization”.

How to delete all emails in the Google Workspace app?

Thanks to the bulk message editing feature, you can delete multiple messages at once by ticking the checkbox on the left.

Also, by clicking on the top box on the left and invoking the context menu, you can select all messages from the current folder. And to delete absolutely all messages, you need to find the “All Mail” folder, select all messages and select the “Delete” option.

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